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Salvia officinalis

Country of Origin: Greece, certified organic cultivation

Sage is used by women during menopause. It significantly reduces hot flashes as well as other symptoms of menopause, such as cyclothymia and frequent urination.

Sage acts as a natural diuretic and is beneficial to the liver and kidneys. It accelerates the elimination of toxins through urination and reduces the levels of bad cholesterol. Its antioxidant properties prevent oxidative stress and enhance the metabolic function, which leads to weight reduction and obesity reduction. Antioxidants contained in sage, including flavonoids, neutralize free radicals before they cause damage to the cells. This prevents premature aging and protects the body from chronic diseases.

The use of sage reduces blood glucose levels and thus relieves strain from the pancreas that is responsible for insulin production. It is beneficial to people at risk of developing diabetes.

Sage contains significant levels of iron, which help stimulate blood circulation, as iron is a key component of blood cells. This way, oxygen travels efficiently to the cells of the whole body and improves their function and helps in their recovery.

Sage stimulates and increases appetite for food. Thus, nutrient and calorie intake is achieved in people who have undergone surgery, or have reduced appetite due to an illness.

Sage should not be consumed by people who use diabetes meditation as it lowers blood sugar levels. It is forbidden to use it by people with epilepsy. Excessive use by people with liver or kidney problems is prohibited.

CAUTION! Sage should be avoided during pregnancy

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