Ελληνικό Καπνιστό Πιπέρι Αριδαίας σε πέτρινο μπώλ
Ελληνικό Καπνιστό Πιπέρι Αριδαίας σε πέτρινο μπώλ
Ελληνικό Καπνιστό Πιπέρι Αριδαίας σε πέτρινο μπώλ
Ελληνικό Καπνιστό Πιπέρι Αριδαίας σε πέτρινο μπώλ

Greek Smoked Paprika from Aridaia

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Capsicum annuum species

Country of Origin: Greece - Aridaia, Pella

Aridaia smoked paprika is a 100% Greek product from production to processing. It is produced entirely from Greek red peppers of Aridaia region, from the variety called "Karatzova". It does not contain additives or preservatives, it is 100% ground Karatzova peppers. This particular Capsicum annuum has been cultivated by the producer family for many generations and is incomparable in taste and quality compared to the new generation of genetically altered pepper seeds that are grown en masse to meet the global needs.The result is an excellent final product, in limited quantities each year, and we are very proud to have it in stock.

In order to produce this unique powder, the process begins with the cultivation of the pepper seed. When the pepper grows and reaches the appropriate ripening point, it is collected, carefully cleaned and then passed on to the process of drying - smoking. The dehydration of the pepper is done with the use of fire and smoke, exclusively from beech wood. Finally, the smoked and dried pepper is taken to the grinding mills, from where it will come out in powder form with its wonderful smoky aromas and the taste of real Aridean pepper.

Aridea smoked paprika is slightly pungent. It is mild to hot, but not very hot! It can be added to soups, sauces and marinades to give them color and body. It is best added at the end of the recipe, as overheating during cooking can affect its taste. It can be used in recipes with chicken, pork and beef, as well as in dishes with vegetables and potatoes, grilled or baked. Aridaia smoked paprika adds a special, smoky taste to rice recipes, omelets, soups and tomato sauces. It can also be added to minced meat for sausages and burgers during kneading to make them spicy. It is ideal together with legumes (lentils, bean soup, oven baked beans). Try it with yogurt dips and salad dressings. It can also be sprinkled on top of white cheese, such as feta cheese.

Theodoros Bolkis, the producer, has received 2 Superior Taste awards for this paprika. Read more about the producer and his smoked paprika here.

Smoked Greek paprika from Aridaia combines best with greek oregano, greek thyme, garlic powder, Onion powder, ground turmeric, saffron, ground cumin and ground cardamom.